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Alias Animator and PowerAnimator were high-end 3D packages in the 1990s, running on Silicon Graphics (SGI) workstations. Alias took code from PowerAnimator, TDI Explore and Wavefront to build Maya. Alias|Wavefront was later sold by SGI to Autodesk. SGI had originally purchased both Alias and Wavefront in 1995 as a response to Microsoft’s acquisition and Windows NT port of the then popular Softimage 3D package. Interestingly Microsoft sold Softimage in 1998 to Avid Technology, from where it was acquired in 2008 by Autodesk as well.

SILICONGRAPHICS IRIS Indigo power so small in nowaydays comparaison !!!


CPU/FPU R3000 R4000

MHz 33MHz 100MHz

Primary Cache 32I/32D 8I/8D

Secondary Cache 1MB

Memory Storage 8MB to 384MB of SIMM memory